World Obesity Day​

Workplace Healthy Initiative

A Health initiative in the Workplace competition was organised by the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate (HPDP) between 7th and 11th October in relation with World Obesity Day. Fourteen workplaces from different sectors participated in this competition. Among the health initiatives organised were healthy breakfast and lunches, fitness sessions such as circuit training, group walks, yoga and Pilates sessions. Cooking sessions were held, with funds raised donated to charity. Two of the participating companies organised a 10, 000 step challenge whereby employees were divided into groups and given a pedometer each. The group which took the greater number of steps during that week was awarded a token. Some workplaces also offered free health checks to their employees. One company sealed off the vending machine which was selling unhealthy food and beverage options until an agreement is reached with the supplier to provide healthier options. An award ceremony was organised on the 15th November to present the winners of this competition with a well-deserved memento. Ms Sharon Vella, officer in charge of Workplace health promotion initiatives, gave an overview of the initiatives, while Dr Paula Vassallo, Director, and Prof. Charmaine Gauci, Superintendent of Public Health, presented the awards. The two joint first winners were LESA and SKS365. The Malta Police Force was awarded second place and KPMG Crimsonwing was awarded third place. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate announced that the next edition of this competition would take place on World Obesity Day on 4th March 2020. The Directorate would like to congratulate all workplaces for their participation and continued commitment to promoting health and well being amongst employees.


Name of person holding trophy is Ms Christine Abdilla from SKS365  


Name of person holding trophy is Mr Raymond Vella from LESA